We’re Back, At 200 MPH – Update: Then We Crashed!


The switch to our new Virtual Private Server has just happened, and I can’t believe the difference! Everything just happens so quick and brisk; why did I wait so long to do this? If a Mark VIII can be made to go 200 mph, so can old Curbside Classic. Yippie!

Update: The site suddenly crashed to a total halt. Why? It turns out that our space on the virtual private server they sold us wasn’t big enough for all of our files! Maybe they could have checked that before they moved us??

The site is back up, but not as crisp as before, and this issue is far from resolved. The real problem is that CC is a memory hog, because of all of the large pictures, and how many we keep adding all the time. We’re going to have to take a good hard look at how we operate before we keep plunging ahead, long term.

Update II: After removing backup files, the site seems to be running well. But there’s not enough room on the VPS for our future expansion, so we’ll have to consider something with more memory