What If: Four Door Monte Carlos – Mild And Wild

Since there has been a lot of discussion recently on CC regarding the 1973-77 Monte Carlo, how about a four door version? This Monte Landauyacht sedan is even more space inefficient than the original. Wouldn’t it be fun to parallel park this boat?

Too much? Okay, here’s a much more production-ready variant. There were no Colonnade four door hardtops; perhaps this sedan could have piqued the interest of Monte Carlo fanciers with children.

Still too big? Okay, how about this Mini Carlo? Perfect for that velour lined Brougham experience in congested city traffic. A snap to park too!

For the polar opposite, look no further than the two door Landauyacht. The most inefficient, impractical and most luxurious personal luxury coupe on the market. So, why didn’t Chevrolet make these variants? Well, you know, things like sales, practicality, and not getting mocked, or tarred and feathered by the press during Gas Crisis I – stuff like that!