Curbside Pickup Capsule: Geo Metro Pickup – It’s Perfect For You, Honey

How many women would look at this truck and say: “Maybe that’s what I really should have?” And mean it, or at least think they mean it? Let’s just say it gives a window into the nature of the woman I’ve spent the last thirty-five years with. “I want something small, cute, economical, with rubber floor mats and a bed to carry a bale of alfalfa mulch, bags of fertilizer or a bunch of new plants. Nobody builds a car like that”. That is, unless you’re an auto mechanic and can build it yourself, like the one that turned an old beater Metro into this parts chaser.  But as much as she might honestly think this is actually what she wants, after all these years, I know better.

This is what she really wants. It’s just that Morris Minors didn’t come with automatics, A/C, as well as a few other amenities. All these new retro vehicles, and nobody has yet built a Morris Minor pickup (or woody wagon).

How about at least this? Stephanie would take it in a heartbeat. In fact, I shouldn’t be showing stuff like this; she’ll be off the Metro in a flash. What the hell is MINI waiting for? There’s a huge untapped market of women who are fashionable, done with kids, and avid gardeners. Well, maybe not huge, but who else is going to go after it?

The question is: does she mean it when she says she wants something like this, or is it a ploy; to get me to talk her into something a bit less ratty. Of course, she probably didn’t even really see how rough this little Metro hauler actually is. Imagination is a powerful drug, especially in this family.

I suggest a Subaru Baja, but for some reason, she’s not able to conjure up a visual image of one. Here’s it is; is this suitable? Probably not. Too garish.

She’s seeing a Subaru Brat; a modern version of which might be just the ticket. Just replace the firewood with some alfalfa, and the cows would be drooling all over it. Or the chickens, in our case.

But then the idea of an open bed in the rainy winter suddenly loses some of its imaginary appeal. “I guess it could have a canopy”. “Well, yes, but then you’re basically back to a station wagon; like your Forester”.

Hmm. That didn’t end an altogether satisfactory note. When one wants something new and different, it’s no fun to end up back in the same car. After almost thirteen years, the itch is wanting to be scratched. Maybe I’ll go back and talk to this guy about how much he would take for the Metro. But she’s probably forgotten about it, and once she’s seen that picture of the MINI; well they don’t make one, yet.