What If? Front-Wheel Drive Buick Electra Estate

electra estatse fwd

It’s well-known that when Buick downsized its full-size C- and B-bodies to front-wheel drive in 1985 and 1986, respectively, they kept the big RWD Estate Wagon around for another few years. While front-wheel drive Electras and LeSabres came in sedan and coupe guise, no wagons were ever offered. If buyers wanted a more efficient, easier to park Buick wagon, they’d have to choose from the smaller Century or Skyhawk wagons. So what if Buick built a front-wheel drive C-body Electra Estate?

I’m not saying they would’ve sold in huge numbers, no wagons did at this point. With its roomy cabin, and upright greenhouse, a C-body wagon would’ve bridged the large gap between the Century and B-body Estate Wagon, left vacant since the demise of the Regal wagon in 1983. I certainly would rather have had one of these than the beached whale 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Like the timeless Volvo wagons and the vintage-1977 Estate Wagon, I think they could’ve been sold for a few extra years, even beyond their sedan counterpart’s lifespan.