Through The Windshield Outtakes From Nigeria: A Land Crab Dead Ahead

DSC_0452 925

CC reader Abdulla Gülabi, a young Turk living in Nigeria, sent me a couple of shots of this Nissan pickup crabbing down the highway at a rakish angle. Rear axle a bit out of alignment? Frame bent? And check out the handsome Mack R Series on the other side of the highway. Here’s a couple more:

DSC_0453 925

For a second, I thought that yellow wagon might be a Renault 21/Medallion, but it’s a Mitsubishi Lancer, natch.  Maybe the guy in the back steers the rear axle like on the back of a hook-and-ladder fire truck?

DSC_0321 925

A trash truck crossing the median in order to affect a pickup. Tire air pressure a bit low?

I love exotic street scene shots like these, so I’ve encouraged Abdulla to keep them coming. And that applies to any of you in distant locales; seeing old and different cars and trucks still working hard is our schtick. So post them at the Cohort or send them to me via the Contact form.