1966 Vintage “Photoshop” What If: The 1966 Toronado 2+2

This is from the “PS” feature on the last page of the March 1966 Road & Track. And does it ever speak to me, as one who has perpetually had issues with useless dead-air overhangs. And yes, only the front and rear overhangs were cut in this fine pre-PS chop. The trunk would have been smaller, but fold down rear seats would have mitigated that. And in the front, it was all dead air up there.

One can only speculate how much better the handling would have been. As to its looks, try to erase you mental image of the real Totornado, and just pretend that this had been it instead. It might take a minute or two, but it will probably grow on you. Or shrink, I mean.