CC What If: Non-American Coupe Conversions

Holden FC coupe

(first posted 5/4/2016)     In America mainstream sedans for most part had two door variants of almost all their models. If you were looking for something a cheaper or perhaps a bit sportier looking a two door was available. European and Australian manufacturers did not always offer this choice especially on the non-entry levels models. I have retroactively and electronically corrected this oversight. Follow along to judge if it is a success.

Holden FC

Here is a the donor Holden FC sedan. Sadly only offered as a four door sedan. I think my two hardtop conversion looks rather nice.

1964 Holden EH

What about a later 1964 Holden EH? Nice looking sedan but how would it look with two less doors?

1964 Holden EH coupe

Maybe not as successful as the FC but this EH two door does remind me a bit of a mashup of a Ford Falcon and a Rambler.

Mercedes Benz 190

Let us head to Germany next. Mercedes made some convertibles and overtly sporty coupes but two door sedans were plenty thin in the sales catalog during the Ponton 190’s era.

Mercedes Benz 190 Coupe

Behold the Mercedes Benz 190 coupe.  Looks pretty decent if I say so myself. Some height was taken out of the roof and body so it would not have been an easy conversion in metal.

1956 Simca

Heading over to France the Simca Aronde was quite low and slick looking already even as a four door.

1956 Simca coupe

I am not one hundred percent happy with the execution of this one but you get the idea. Could have been one neat looking two door.

1958 Simca Vedette

The Simca Vedette of 1958 with its scaled down American car styling is a natural to receive door removal surgery.

1958 Simca Vedette coupe

It definitely could have been a looker.

Austin A60 Cambridge

We should not leave the British out of this party. Austin in particular generally did not offer two door variants of their bigger cars.

Austin A60 Cambridge coupe

A little unconventional looking perhaps but the styling still works on this Austin A60 Cambridge in my opinion.

Vauxhall PA Velox

The most American looking of the British manufactures is likely Vauxhall. This base model Velox could have certainly done with the option of a two door variant.

Vauxhall PA Velox coupe

The more expensive Cresta likely would suit the two door body style even better.

Rover P4

The smooth riding Rover P4 was known as the “Auntie Rovers”.

Rover P4 2dr

A door deletion perhaps reveals that Auntie has a slightly more spicy side. And while we are at it why not fit one of the experimental turbine engines too?

Humber Super Snipe

Perhaps one of the more stodgy marques Humber likely would have never considered a two door variant on their Super Snipe. This ad with its lower and longer than real life rendering makes a good start for a conversion.

Humber Super Snipe coupe

Given the result maybe Humber should have offered a two door. Cutting the roof line down a bit helps the look as well.

So did any of the these two doors work for you? Did these manufacturers miss an opportunity by playing it safe? Let me know if there would be any other slam dunk two door conversion candidates.


Rover P5B coupe

A Rover P5B coupe was requested. Here in four door form.

Rover P5B coupe b

And now with two doors.