What If: Can AI Make Uglier Cars Than Humans? – Challenge Accepted

A few days ago Paul posted a vintage ad for the  Kanzler Coupe, a modification (dare I say mutilation?) of the Opel GT. “Even AI couldn’t have come up with this,” he suggested.

Probably not. But that won’t stop me from trying!

The funny thing about the AI is that you can’t just ask for an ugly car. I learned pretty quickly that to the AI “ugly car” means “dirty car.” So instead I had to feed it reference images of different cars known for their unusual looks.  Neo-classic designs from Stutz, Zimmer and Excalibur, the AMC Matador and Pacer, a Stout Scarab, the 1957 Aurora, and the odd concept car.

Some of the results were unattractive, but tame. But I did accidently get that triangular grille I wanted when I first started generating AI cars.

Also, I totally let the AI’s headlight freak flag fly.

A lot of the images got cut-down doors and weird arrangements of headlights as it tried to Frankenstein together the concepts of an Excalibur and a sleek sports car. I had to discard most of the results as the AI tried to reconcile the differing geometries of aerodynamic and neo-classic cars, resulting in impossible, Escher-style front ends.

Some of the results were almost attractive, as long as ignore the nutant limousine in the background.

But wait! We’re trying to make ugly cars. Here you go! I think this one might give the Kanzler a run for its money.

This is also a “favorite” of mine, mostly because of the funky fender-top openings. I wonder how that would work on snowy or slushy roads.

I didn’t feed the AI any Corvette images, but clearly it thinks that “sports car” means “Corvette.”

There were lots of variations on the “cut-down doors and lots-of-headlights” theme.

That’s an odd arrangement of headlights (pun intended).  I used a often bright red Bufori Geneva as  reference image. Instead of incorporating it into the car design, the AI liked to photobomb big red cars and trucks in the background, like that SUV with the oddly Jaguar-ish tail.

The AI liked to add little fender-mounted lights.

This one is nice, like a Citröen from an alternate universe.

Police spec? Impractical taxi? Is that a light box on top or a pizza warmer?

It’s not horrible, but that opening behind the wheel is uncomfortable.

Welcome to the Ugly Zone.

Smile for the camera!

You can see a lot of the 1957 Aurora in this one. It’s kind of interesting how it took that design and toned it down to make something thar isn’t all that attractive, but isn’t nausea-inducing, either.

If you don’t look ahead of the front wheels it’s kind of attractive.

Are any of these worse than the Kanzler? I don’t know, but it was fun trying. Honestly, half of the horror of the Kanzler was how it ruined an attractive car.