What If: Monte Camaro

I was working on a new series of “What If” posts featuring an imaginary line of AI-generated 1975 Studebakers and Packards, when I accidentally got myself a concept sketch of an alternate universe Monte Carlo and a Camaro mash-up. A Monte Camaro, if you will.

In this alternate universe, Chevrolet took a more evolutionary approach with the second-generation Monte Carlo. Instead of a Colonnade roof and baroque sculpting, they kept the hardtop, smoothed out the flanks, and added a front end with a family resemblance to the Camaro (and a bit of an overall Impala vibe, as well).

What do you think? Would it have sold?

This particular image came about because the AI has been reluctant to give me a decent imaginary 1975 Studebaker Hawk personal luxury car. After many failures I asked for a Monte Carlo just to confirm that it even understood the concept of a PLC. This is what I got instead. It’s certainly recognizable as a Chevy, but it’s unlike any Monte Carlo I’ve ever seen.

This lines up with what I learned last time around. If you want the AI to create a fairly accurate image of a vehicle, it either needs to be an international icon (Mustang, Corvette, VW Bug) or you have to feed it a reference image. That said, outside of my Hawk problem, the AI has been surprisingly good at adapting Studebaker and Packard styling themes to a decade in which they didn’t exist. But that’s a story for next time.