Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Two Big Mopar Coupes, Part 2

The second pair of big Mopar coupes Jerome Solberg shot were these two, much closer together than the other pair. And they’re closer in age too, with only four years  separating the ’62 Chrysler and ’66 Doodge Monaco. And there’s only one inch of difference in their wheelbases.

Even the interiors show the family resemblance.

Instead of one instrument nacelle, there’s two. And curiously, the aftermarket tach is in almost the same spot as the utterly useless dash-mounted rear view mirror in the Chrysler.

Here they are from the front.

And the “dog-bone” grille of the Dodge.

The familial relationship is really strong in the back end of the ’62 Chrysler, which is really just a somewhat toned-down ’61 Dodge rear end. Looks like the exact same bumper, and most likely the same trunk lid.

When Chrysler abruptly pulled the plug on the new big “S” cars for 1962 in favor of the downsized ’62 Plymouth and Dodge, the cancelled Chrysler just got a toned down Dodge rear end and a somewhat revised front end as an interim solution until the more heavily redone ’63s came along.