What If? Porsche 911 Squareback Shooting Brake

It’s obviously a photoshop, one I found on the web. But it’s intriguing, as the two elements work quite well together. That’s not too surprising, as both the 911 and the Type 3 were designed roughly at the same tine. And given all the other body variants of the 911 that were actually built over the years (below), and the very close association between the two firms, I’m a bit surprised something like this wasn’t built.

This stretched and raised four passenger coupe, supposedly designed and built by Pininfarina and commission from Porsche, was originally built in 1969. In 1975, it was updated with a 2.7 Carrera engine, body kit and period-correct paint. It was deemed too heavy and awkward to put into production.

And there’s this four door sedan built by Dick Troutman back in 1968. The original Panamera. Of the three, the Squareback wins my vote.