What Is This Ram Doing? There Are Some Jobs My ’66 F-100 Just Isn’t Up To Anymore

I find ways to abuse my old ’66 F-100 in endless ways. But I had a little job this weekend that needed a bit more muscle than its 240 cubic inch six would muster. Time to call in the big guns. Can you guess what it’s doing?

Taking down the remaining frame of the old farm house down the street. My helper spent several weeks salvaging anything that might be re-usable, and cleaning out anything other than just the wood to be recycled. Now it just needed to all come down. The solution: wrap a long steel cable around various key parts, and yank on it. But not with my Ford, no thank you. Let it be someone else’s new Ram truck.

I just bought a new camera, and this happened at seven AM on Saturday, so I was not up to snuff on my recording at all. I missed the best pulls of the truck; the video at the top was one of his most gentle pulls. He just slammed it a few times against the cable, with the truck jerking sideways and painful sounds emitting from it. I kept my distance too, lest something go flying.

This whole process took almost two hours, as the cable had to be repositioned after each pull. First, the roof dropped onto the second floor, then eventually that all dropped to the first, and then the old block foundation was yanked out from under it to drop it into the basement. Here’s before and after shots (actually, the after is before the foundation was yanked). I missed that.