Vintage Photo: Where I’d Like To Be Today

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(first posted 8/11/2013)   I’m not complaining, since Oregon has plenty of beautiful scenery and delightful roads. But there’s something about reading a book in German that triggers a desire to, well, not just be there, but also turn back the clock. This splendid picture of the Gothard Pass is courtesy of jjd241. It’s from about 1961-1962 or so, and needless to say, it reminds me of summer trips working our way up similar passes, often in a VW Samba with the sunroof open. Speaking of VW Transporters hauling heavy loads up mountains, that Pickup with the boat on back has all of 30 (net) hp. And if you’ve exhausted identifying all the cars, I found another shot of the exact same location:

Gothard Pass 2

The same red truck is even in it, but the picture isn’t as clear, which may make identification a bit harder.