Which Is Faster: A Lamborghini Countach LP400S Or a Toyota Camry V6?


(first posted 5/28/2015)    I read all the comments here, and sometimes one will grab me and I just can’t let it go. About a week or so ago, at the 1974 Corvette post, Phil L. left the following comment: The only measure a Camry outperforms an early Countach in is braking. I will grant you that the numbers are much closer than most people would believe. But still, the Camry does not outperform it.

Is that true? And just how close are the numbers? A little digging yielded the answers.

zeroto60times.com is a good resource for these questions, as they list 0-60 and 1/4 mile times from numerous sources. here’s several for the earlier V12 Countachs;

1976 LP400    0-60:  6.6 sec.   1/4 mile:   14.1 sec.

1978 LP400S  0-60:   5.8 sec.    1/4 mile:   14.3 sec.

1979 LP 400S  0-60:   5.8 sec.    1/4 mile:   14.2  sec.

There’s also several of different generations of  Camry V6 results there:

2012 Camry V6:  0-60:  5.8 sec.  1/4 mile:  14.2  sec.

2012  Camry V6:  0-60:   5.7 sec.  1/4 mile:   14.1   sec.

2015  Camry  V6:   0-60:   5.8 sec.  1/4 mile:  14.3 sec.

The verdict?  The average of the three times is as follows:

Countach:  0-60:   6.066 sec.   1/4 mile:  14.2 sec.

Camry V6:  0-60:   5.766 sec.    1/4 mile:  14.2  sec.

The Camry wins, by a hair. Not bad, for a car with such a frumpy image.

Lamborghini countach LP 400

Top speed?  well, that’s obviously a very different matter. Lamborghini claimed a top speed of 300kmh (186 mph) for the original LP400, because of the lack of wide tires and fender flares. Did anyone confirm it?

The Camry V6 tops out at some 135 mph, depending on how accurate the top speed limiter is.  But it’s not going to challenge the Countach in that metric, regardless. it does have twice the number of cylinders, after all.