Why Couldn’t I Have Been Wally Schirra’s Son? Updated: The Maserati 3500 Was Sold That Day, And The Buyer’s Lucky Son Tells The Story Here

(first posted 5/28/2012. As often happens here, a comment left years later tells the whole story. The lucky kid whose dad bought it that very day left a comment about his family’s experience with it after buying it the day this picture was taken. Which of course explains why Wally Schirra’ son is washing it.  PN )

The kid even looks just like I did. But no; my Dad drove to work in a ’68 stripper Dart, while I washed Mom’s ’65 Coronet wagon. And the car being washed here? In my dreams

I was the lucky kid who’s dad bought the Maser (a ’63 3500 GT – Superleggera body) from Wally the day this picture was taken. My mom, dad and fellow Apollo 7 astronaut, Walt Cunningham were standing next to the camera man watching this Life magazine photo shoot. Wally sold the car to my dad because he was afraid his 16 year old son would get himself hurt in it, or possibly worse. Wally had bought it from the first owner, who was also the owner of Churchill Downs. It was an amazing car with an amazing exhaust note.

My dad loved it, but mom didn’t enjoy driving it because it had no power steering and “took an acre to turn around”, as she would say. She did wind up owning Walt Cunningham’s Porsche 911S, (also featured in the same Life magazine article as this picture), and thoroughly enjoyed that car, (who wouldn’t). It was an awesome garage with the Maserati, the 911S, a Shelby GT350, and Gus Grissom’s Cadillac Sedan DeVille. Lots of great childhood memories with all these wonderful cars!