Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover: When Two Axles Just Wont Do; For Adequate Snob Appeal, Not Traction

Range Rover WoodPickett-Sheer-Rover

(first posted 5/21/2014)   Wood & Pickett dates back to 1947, but found their true calling with the Range Rover, offering just about any kind of variation of the theme. Wider bodies, taller bodies, convertible bodies, different front ends, extended rear ends, “Brougham” conversions, six door conversions, pickup trucks, and of course the three-axle version known as the Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover. Their 1983 brochure is still available on-line here, with the full range of variations and options, but I’ll show you a few after the jump.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Ascot Sheer Rover 1 W

This is the high-roof “Ascot”, if you have papal aspirations.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover 1 W

The Goodwood convertible.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Epsom Range Rover 1 W

The Epsom, for additional rear leg room.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Windsor Sheer Rover 1 W

The Windsor, for that off-road Brougham look.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Sheer Line 6 door Limousine Conversion 01 W

The Sheerline 6 limousine. With a very 80s graphics package to enhance the look.

Range Rover Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover 1 W

The Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover, with optional Chevrolet 5.7 litre engine, for the true (Middle Eastern) falcon enthusiast.

The full catalog and price list is here, if you want to step back in time thirty years and order one for your unique needs and taste.