World’s Most Expensive RV Is Also The Ugliest – Marchi Mobile eleMMent

I may wax eloquently about RVs, but not so much about this one. And it comes from Austria, no less. And the price tag, converted to US dollars is almost $3 million. At first I was a bit dumfounded how anyone could come up with this, but a bit of digging explains it all, sort of. It was designed by that lover of anything but square: Luigi Colani, and the front end is an evolution of his proposal for an aerodynamic Supertruck.

Colani has a colorful past, including some far out automobile designs which maybe we’ll save for another day. For what its worth, the Supertruck works a fair amount better for me then the eleMMent, probably because the tanker is round too. The marriage of the round front and square body of the RV is anything but organic.

Here’s the view from the bridge. Interesting rotary wiper array, although the MM doesn’t seem to show that in the top photograph.I won’t bother showing you the interior shots, because frankly, they’re all just computer generated. But here’s the link.