Yes, Accords Are Getting Bigger…But By How Much?

Much has been made about the size of the soon-to-be-replaced eighth-gen Accord. Needless to say, Accords have gotten quite a bit bigger since their 1976 debut, but just how much bigger are they? I recently spotted an example parked in front of our past-CC Crown Vic LX and pondered the question.

First, let’s take a look at the Crown Vic. It doesn’t look any worse for wear since its CC debut last March, but apparently it’s gotten a new set of non-whitewall tires. Pity.

I couldn’t help but check out that white leather interior again. It seems to have held up quite well.

Here’s the back seat–looks like it has seen very little use. As you know, I’m a sucker for a white interior. But back to the subject at hand…

If you scroll up to the very first picture, the Accord appears to be significantly larger. That’s an optical illusion, as the Vic still reigns supreme, size-wise. A 2007-2012 Accord has an overall length of 194.9 inches with a 110.2″ wheelbase; the Crown Victoria is 212″ long, with a 114.7″ wheelbase. Versus the Accord, it’s 17.1 inches longer overall, with a 4.5 inch-longer wheelbase.

I have ridden in the back of a 2008 Grand Marquis. It seemed to have decent room, though perhaps not as much as you might expect for a car of its size. The Accord might well have greater interior room (I’ve never driven or been a passenger in one), but by the good old nose-to-tail parameter the Vic is the winner, as made evident in the profile shot below. So now when someone tells you the Accord is bigger than a Panther, you can coolly inform them otherwise. Isn’t it fun to learn?