CC Late-Night Outtake: Audi A7 – Pretty In China

I normally never shoot cars at night. But this Audi A7 caught my attention; first, because I’m pretty sure it’s the first one I’ve seen in town (we don’t even have an Audi dealer). I did check it out pretty carefully at the Paris Auto show two years ago, and it was one of the more attractive new cars there. And weren’t we just talking about fastbacks and hatchbacks the other day? They’re back…but in Eugene? Still, I wouldn’t have turned on my flash and taken pictures were it not for the “tatoo” on its flanks.

OK; I now that Audi is big in China, and that we have a lot of Chinese students here at the U of O, many of them from very wealthy families. That accounts for a whole raft of supercars near the university, including several Nissan GTRs and at least one Lamborghini Gallardo. But what’s this supposed to mean, exactly?

If you google “Pretty in China” the result is pretty… predictable. Oops; lets try “Search” instead of “Images”. Sure enough; a facebook page for Pretty in China, for what appears to be a Chinese student club.

And yes, the local BMW dealer has discovered this rich vein of new prospects, having sponsored “Asian Night Round 2”. Given the dramatic growth in Chinese students, I’m surprised no one has opened up an Audi shop yet.

The world changes, and quickly too. It’s not just the growth of China’s economy, but that the U of Oregon has become a particularly popular destination for their kids. And that now if you see a very expensive car around downtown, you can almost be sure of who’s driving it. Makes for quite a contrast with all the old Curbside Classics. Maybe I should do a Curbside Exotics of Eugene post?