You Know It’s Been Wet When The Streets Turn Green

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We’re on our way to end the wettest year in quite some time; it’s been pretty much non-stop all of December. So when the sun came out yesterday, the streets around town suddenly glowed green. And not just in the less-traveled sides either.

CC 184 163 1200

On this typical neighborhood street, the DayGlo cast was visible across the whole right of way. It’s not really noticeable when the clouds are out in usual full-force, but the minute the sun comes out, it’s Emerald City. So what exactly is growing on the street?

CC 184 164 1200

Moss. Here’s a close up of that same stretch of pavement. The asphalt has eroded enough for the moss to take hold wherever its not being worn off fast enough. That reminds me: Now that’s its dry for a few days, time to get up on the roofs of my rentals for the annual spreading of MossBeGone. Otherwise they’ll be glowing green too.