Your Dream Team: What Cars Would You Have Bought In 1992 and Still Be Driving Today?

Has it really been twenty years? I’ve been messing with a 1992 automobile the last few days (details to come), and it made me think how different my choices would be if I could re-create my automotive Dream Team from 1992. I’ve assembled mine, but what would yours be? We’re talking cars from 1992 that you’d have bought new, driven for twenty years, and still look forward to getting into. Or bought used, if you’re too young to have bought new in 1992.

I’d still be driving a 1992 Honda Civic AWD wagon: six-speed stick, zingy 1600 cc engine with 108 hp. It’s what I’d like my Xbox to really be: lighter, AWD, even a few more horses. Just not quite as boxy inside. Could have gotten us almost everywhere the Cherokee did, used half the gas, less than half the repairs, twice as much fun to drive, and lasted twice as long. Hindsight is 20-year vision.

Stephanie would still be driving a 1992 Volvo 940 Turbo. Or a Mercedes E320 wagon. The Volvo would probably have been been cheaper to maintain (as well as to buy, which alone throws it). But a tough call. It would have been a bit snugger than the ’92 Dodge Caravan for our three kids, but a lot more fun to drive, and would still work today with an empty nest. Never mind the four transmissions for the Caravan.

My work truck? Easy: a Toyota T100, with the 2.7 L four and a stick. Just the basics, thank you. And good for another twenty fifty years.

Camper? Since the Ultra Van and all the other interesting motor homes from the sixties and seventies were long gone, and I’m at a loss to remember anything more creative, it would be a 1992 version of our Chinook, with a much more comfortable Ford front end. Of course, this really wouldn’t have worked for three kids. Maybe a little trailer towed behind for them? Or us.

And a toy car too, to make the Dream Team complete. A Miata would be the obvious choice, but then we’re dreaming, right?