Bus Stop Classic: 1966 DAF-Smit Joure


Another classic coach that transported the visitors of the 2016 DAF Museum Days from the factory to the museum and back (as often as you wanted) was this 1966 DAF-Smit Joure. That’s a DAF chassis with a Smit body. Smit from Joure, in the northern Netherlands. In Friesland, to be exact. Where the all-black and strong Friesian horses come from.


Smit’s Rijtuig- en Wagenmakerij was founded by Jan Alexander Smit in 1917. The company built trailers, semi-trailers, car bodies, truck cabs, truck bodies and buses. After the Second World War the production of buses and coaches became their main business activity.


In 1996 DAF Bus, by then already owned by the VDL Group, took over Smit. In 1999 the Smit Joure activities came to an end. Another formerly independent bus manufacturer that was fully integrated into the company that we now know as VDL Bus & Coach.


The Smit body is built on a DAF MB 200 bus chassis with an underfloor mid-engine and a 5.50 m (18′) wheelbase. The coach weighs 9,550 kg (21,054 lbs) and its GVM is 16,300 kg (35,935 lbs). Seats for 46 passengers.


The MB 200 bus chassis was introduced in 1965. Until 1969 the engine was a 180 (SAE) hp Leyland O.680, an 11.1 liter 6-cylinder diesel. The Leyland 680 engine evolved into the 11.6 liter DAF 1160-series, introduced in 1968. In 1969/1970 the MB 200 chassis got the DKDL 1160 engine, also good for 180 (SAE) hp. At its introduction the chassis was available with a 5.50 m or 6.05 m wheelbase.


The coachbuilder’s signature, Smit from Joure. Not to be confused with coachbuilder Smit from Appingedam.


Our proud coach driver (touringcarchauffeur, in correct Dutch), ready to welcome his passengers.


The transmission is a synchromesh ZF 6-speed.


Let there be light ! Next time we’ll have a look at a less comfortable -more naked- classic city bus.

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