Bus Stop Classics – QOTD:  What is Your Favorite “Old School” Bus Livery?

It seemed that the defacto paint scheme for most urban-transit buses in the 1950s and ‘60’s was a light cream over orange – at least in the Midwest where I was from.  That was the livery for the Columbus Transit Company (CTC) in my hometown of Columbus Ohio, and for most of the nearby larger cities with public transportation systems that I visited.  I was surprised to find that scheme even in Toronto during one trip.  I always found those colors a trifle boring, but a little internet research shows quite a variety of different liveries throughout the rest of the US and Canada.  Which is your favorite?

Here’s an attractive blue and white from San Bernardino Valley Transit – this bus is part of Omni Trans historical fleet.

White over brown from Boro Bus, a private bus company in NJ.

Any “Buckeye” would be a fan of this Scarlet and Grey livery, though surprisingly it’s not from Ohio but Lehigh/Northampton PA.

Milwaukee Public Transit preferred this light blue (green?) scheme.

Dark brown over light brown from Lakeshore/Racine Wisconsin.

A  San Francisco Muni Mack in green and white.

A Canadian Car and Foundry (CCF) coach with interesting colors from Montreal.

It’s American counterpart, a yellow over blue ACF-Brill from Montclair NJ – looks sharp.

San Diego used this white with green trim – must have been tough to keep clean.

I liked this tri-color Pittsburgh (Port Authority Transit) pattern no matter what bus or trolley wore it.  Locally it was called the “MOD” scheme from 1972.

Peerless Stages was based in Oakland CA used this easily identifiable vibrant red and yellow livery.  This one is a restored model from the Pacific Bus Museum.

And finally a nice subdued tri-color suburban from New Jersey Transit.

Which is your favorite?