Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1964 Valiant Convertible – Engelized Sun Chaser

Here’s a new entry from robadr at the Cohort. A rather nice survivor that doesn’t look too pampered, nor too ruined; and with the top down, it’s very curbside chic!

This ’64 belongs to Elwood Engel’s early period at Chrysler, where he ironed out some of Virgil Exner’s quirkiest ideas. The transition between the two heads of design was rather hasty at Chrysler, and the ’63 lineup was already far advanced by the time Engel came into the picture. To Chrysler’s relief, the new design chief found Exner’s proposals good enough and proceeded to tidy up their styling without major changes. Some of Engel’s touches are cleaner sides, less surface treatment, and a squarish trunk.

I find the results show a rather interesting interlude in Chrysler’s styling. The two heads of design couldn’t have been more different in their approach, although together, they canceled out the worst of each other; not too many Exner oddities, and not too much Engel dull conservatism.

And well, talking about that ‘squarish’ trunk, it comes from a Dart in this Valiant. Part of the ‘Plodge’ school of design of Chrysler’s Canadian products.

CC has done a few posts about the Exner/Engel transition, and the links are further below. Meanwhile, enjoy the sun in this Engelized ride!


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