Vintage Photograph/Bus Stop Classic: 1936 Yellow (GM) Coach Model 719 Greyhound Bus and Driver

I suppose this really should be a Bus Stop Classic, as this Model 719 by Yellow Coach (owned by GM) was the most influential coach in America ever. It was the first modern coach, in the format that all subsequent ones would be built, with a lightweight monocoque (unibody) structure that included a lot of aluminum alloys, a transverse rear engine, Vee Drive, and of course a front end without the then-typical long engine hood.

Here’s three great shots from Shorpy showing a proud driver and his new 719 owned by Peoples Rapid Transit, a Greyhound franchisee. Back then Greyhound included numerous regional operators, before it became a consolidated outfit.

The location has been identified as Richmond, VA according to a Shorpy commenter. It’s headed for New York, obviously, which back then was a very different trip, presumably up old Highway 1.

Here’s a great shot of the driver seated and ready to roll. These Model 719’s were still gas powered, as the new 6-71 diesel was not yet ready; they were available as of 1938. So they had a big 707 CID GMC six in the back, and presumably a four speed transmission. And still a floor shifter too. Its successor, the PD-3751 “Silversides” actually had a column shift for its rear mounted transmission. Must have been quite the linkage.