COAL: 2001 Chrysler Voyager – Chapter 15, Another Blue Minivan

2001 Chrysler Voyager2001 Chrysler Voyager

Late fall of 2004 I was called for Jury Duty at the Montgomery County, PA County Courthouse in Norristown, PA.  On our lunch break the first day I took a walk and saw a 2001 Voyager in the same Patriot Blue of my 2001 Town & Country (Chapter 13) sitting on a used car lot.  In Dec 2004 I traded the Intrepid in and drove home with the Voyager.

We now owned two blue Chrysler Minivans.  We were real creative with names.  We called them Big Mini and Little Mini.  The Voyager was shorter than the Town & Country.  Otherwise externally (except for badging) they looked the same.  Unlike the Town & Country that had a lot of features, the Voyager was fairly basic.  It had the same engine and transmission along with the power windows and power door locks and cruise control.  It did not have the power sliding doors nor the power liftgate (which did not prove to be as great an issue as I thought it would be).  Besides being shorter than the Town & Country the Voyager did not have anti-lock brakes.  The day I picked the Voyager up it was raining.  I slid through two stop signs on my way home.  Having two similar vehicles I could see the performance difference of antilock brakes.

Issues with this vehicle were similar to those with the Town & Country.  I replaced a window regulator, dealt with a transmission issue and chased some electrical issues.  None of these dissuaded me from buying Chrysler products.  In Aug 2012 after nearly eight years of ownership I traded the Voyager in on a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.