Curbside Outtake: 1961 Deathmobile Hearse

(first posted 5/19/2017)    CC reader Tim Finn in Portland sent me these pictures of this Deathmobile hearse, wondering what its true maker really was. It’s a perfect encapsulation of Portland: keeping it weird, as well as doing it in meticulous detail and great style. Speaking of, this has to be one of the finest looking hearses ever. 

Tim was unsure if this was an actual Olds or what. It certainly is an actual Olds.


One might call it the bubble-top of hearses.


The round rear tail lights may have thrown Tim’s internet searches off, as they were not used on the wagons, only on the sedans and such. But then this is a coach-built hearse, so they obviously decided to incorporate the sedan’s tail lights.

As a frame of reference, here’s a factory ’61 Olds wagon rear end.


The maker’s emblem is on the front fender, and it stands for Cotner-Bevington (full history here).


Tim thought this might be a Ford. Easy to see why, from back here.



What a fine view, form inside and from outside.


Looks like this one was used a fair amount, based on the upholstery.