COAL: Farewell and Thank You

A COAL Writer with His Award

Your faithful COAL writer, with a well-deserved award


This is my last COAL entry for you, the Curbside Classic reader. You’ve joined me on this journey looking back on 32 years of driving and 40 (!) cars. I sincerely appreciate having all of you following along as I describe my good decisions, my bad decisions, and my really bad decisions.

First, I want to thank Paul for his dedicated work in keeping the memories of regular, everyday cars of the past alive and for attracting a very dedicated audience. He has created a website that, to me, serves as a reference for those interested in learning more about the cars that once populated our nation’s streets so thickly that they blended into the scenery (looking at you, Cutlass Ciera!) and attracting a dedicated group of great contributors. I greatly appreciate Paul giving me the opportunity to take a spot every Saturday to tell you, the CC reader, about the highs and lows of my car-buying career.

Secondly, I want to thank all of you, the dedicated CC readers and commenters, for engaging in some very lively dialogue about all of my car purchases. Although I didn’t get a chance to respond to every thread, I did greatly enjoy all of the comments and discussion that my car buying habits have encouraged. It’s a testament to the dedication of CC readers that even the most boring of cars from my past (i.e., that white Malibu, for instance) spurred on some interesting discussions. I definitely feel at home among the CC crowd who’d probably be more likely to stop on the street to take photos of a Ford Tempo than a Bentley Continental. (Well, maybe not!)

Finally, a special thanks goes to my long-suffering wife who has been with me for a quarter of a century and three dozen cars. She’s gotten stuck with some of the cars I disliked almost immediately after buying them. I might observe, though, that even the worst of the cars I bought was a step up from her first car, a 1979 Mercury Zephyr (in orange!) with the 80 hp straight six and an AM radio. If that isn’t prime CC territory I don’t know what is. I wonder how many CC readers would stop if they saw an orange Zephyr on the street!

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to share some stories of my cars with all of you. It has been very enjoyable for me to spend some time with all of you every week exploring cars both interesting and mundane, both loved and hated, all of which are a part of my car history. Given my habits at age 3 of making my parents stop on the city street where we lived to look inside of every single car parked along the curb, it’s not surprising that a) I found a website called Curbside Classic and b) I have spent so much of my life immersed in the world of cars. I look forward to hearing about the car experiences of the next crop of COAL writers.

Here’s a listing of all the COAL entries I made for those who want to take a look back over my exploits. Thank you again, and we’ll see you along the curb.

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