COAL Update: Wolfie at Four

My dear departed mother used to tell me, “Time goes fast when you get old.” Well, I will turn 58 this month and I can confirm mom’s saying. It has now been four years and Wolfie and I are madly in love. For our respective birthdays, we had a nice makeover. Wolfie got a top of the line detail, including ceramic shiny stuff. On top of that, I finally had the windows tinted. When added in with the APR performance tune, Wolfie is a cool ride in my humble opinion.

I think the tint really makes the car look better, in a mean kind of way, but this is purely subjective. So what is it like to live with a VW for four years? Well, so far it is been great. Wolfie is tall for a car, so getting in and out is easy. He’s extremely versatile. I can haul lumber (and have) and still close the hatch with ease. Try that in your F-150, LoL!

This is really my only criticism of the car: the heater controls are small and hard to see. There are no detents to provide a positive feel. It took a long time to get used to having so little feedback. It’s not much of a beef. I still much prefer manual HVAC controls, but that is another topic.

When I bought Wolfie, I was informed by all asunder how a VW would be a reliability disaster. I did whatever research was available and the Golf VII is actually slightly better than average in reliability. I have had zero problems in four years. Mind you, the car only has 49,000 km on it. VW cars also call for more maintenance. The brake fluid, for example, is due at three years and then two years after that. In August, I replaced the engine and cabin air filters, as well as the spark plugs. Jason Shafer’s primer on how to do said job was of great assistance. Thanks, Jason!

As I have stated in previous COAL installments, I am unable to keep a nice car but Wolfie will be the exception. This has been my pattern for all my life but Wolfie is different. I just love the way he drives. The Golf VII is widely reviewed as being an amazing buy. It drives like a much more expensive car, which is hardly surprising, as the MQB platform is used by a myriad of more expensive VAG models. There is simply not a car on the market I want to to buy anyway.

Wolfie’s bumper to bumper warranty has expired, so we’ll see what happens going forward. He is the best car I have ever owned, and the best I have ever driven and yes, I have driven a lot of cars. Wolfie will continue his mission of 51 weeks of groceries and one week in the mountains.

But mostly, Wolfie is used to haul around Lola and Bagel.