Cohort Pic(k) of the Month: 1977 or 1978 Dodge Charger – Got Rust?

Mike Hayes has found some real gems over the years, but this one is right at or near the top, as in the rust-perforated top of this ’77 or ’78 Dodge Charger. These cars have become unicorns in any condition, but this one takes patina to a whole new level. Vinyl tops are brutal.

Here it is, in its full glory. This Charger has spent a lot of time outdoors; a bit too much so, and undoubtedly most of that time was under or near trees, as their pollen sticks and that forms the first organic base for subsequent growths of lichens and such.

Mike wondered if this car had been totally submerged in water, as he thought the round stuff might be barnacles. I very much doubt that, as once a car has spent a while totally immersed, it’s almost impossible to bring back from that watery grave, and be in driveable condition. It appears to be lichen to me, which starts to expand in a circular pattern.

It’s got a license plate.

And it looks like someone started on some bodywork on this side. Did they get discouraged?

The Charger at this time was of course a Chrysler Cordoba dressed down a bit, but this one is taking the casual look a bit far.

A true curbside classic.


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