COAL: 1977 Nova – The Electric Blue Star Car

Since Paul stirred the paint pot the other day with a delicious Light Lime colored Nova, I thought I’d also toss my entry into The Colorful World of Novas series.  That’s my youngest brother driving our subject car – the nose-high rake of the suspension is not because he was accelerating hard; the car always rode that way.  That’s also not the original paint on the car – it’s a bit more intense than the original Dark Blue / White it originally wore.

Purchased new by my paternal grandmother who lived in Hollywood (no, not that one, the one in Florida), it passed into my dad’s ownership after she died of cancer in the mid-1980s. It had very few miles on it when he got it, and the car became his daily driver in Texas for a number of years. It was spec’d out very plainly, with the base 250 six, an automatic and maybe air conditioning (Grandma Stembridge was always very frugal, and I could see her ordering a Florida car without a/c).

After Dad moved back to Georgia, the car was passed around the family a bit, being used as a pinch-hitter by two of my brothers (one of whom named the car) before it came into my possession. I drove it for a couple months while rebuilding the engine in my ’64 Beetle, and once I had that running, it was time to part with the Nova, which was pretty used up by that point. Despite the much-needed respray Dad had done (that’s the original color in the photo above, which I always thought looked right smart), the Florida and Texas sun had not been kind to the interior – the plastics were literally disintegrating like they did in the movie Andromeda Strain.

That’s the actual ad I stuck in the window when I parked it alongside our road, and it sold within two weeks to a high-school student, whom I later heard ran it out of oil (it leaked pretty badly) and ruined the engine.

Our family Nova followed the same well-trod path so many other cars from the ’60s and ’70s did, and served us in an reasonably faithful manner. What more could you ask?