CC Capsule: 1976-1977 Nova – The Colorful World Of Novas, Part 3

CC 217 002 1200

It seems we are on a new little series here, documenting the many-hued mid-seventies Novas. I found this exceptionally fine green (you can tell us the exact color) ’76 or ’77  sitting outside the mall recently, and its splendid paint job called to me very loudly. And that turned out to only be a prelude to its even more chromatose interior.

CC 199 111 900

This is the one that started the series, and there was a lot of lively debate as to its hue’s exact name.

Chevrolet nova flesh fq

Then there was the “Flesh Colored” Nova, shot by William Rubano.

CC 217 006 1200another Chevy CC in the background

And now we have this fine green machine. Yes, these simple and rugged cars are common survivors, although more often not in quite such pristine condition.

CC 217 004 1200

I wasn’t exactly expecting the bucket seats, console and floor shifter. Equipped like this, one could readily mistake its interior from a similar-vintage Camaro. And given that both cars share the same platform, suspension and drive trains, this is about as close to a Camaro two-door sedan as one could hope to get. In addition to the standard 250 six, a 145 hp two-barrel 305 and the 170 hp four-barrel 350 v8s were optional. With the 350, these would scoot quite well, especially for the times. And equipped with the optional Sport suspension, which included 7″ wide wheels, bigger radial tires, a larger front stabilizer bar, and a rear stabilizer bar, the Nova could do a very fine Z-28 imitation. No doubt the best handling American sedan at the time, or at least as good as some of the other GM cars similarly equipped.

CC 217 005 1200

And if this had been the popular hatchback, it would also have been the closest thing to a Camaro hatchback.  The back seat, while not exactly generous, certainly exceeds what the Camaro offered back there. But then that’s only to be expected.

CC 217 001 1200

So what will the next chapter of the Colorful World of Novas be?