Looking For A Couple Of New COALers – (Update: We’ve Found Them)

Coal shovelers

(Update: we have a couple of new COALers signed up. Thanks.)  Our two current Cars Of A Lifetime (COAL) series are both heading towards conclusions, so it’s time to draft a couple of new COALers. COAL has become an institution here, and we all would love to hear more stories about the cars in your life. And I know there’s a whole bunch of you out there who have them. I did get some extra names the last time I asked, but it’s probably best to start the process over.

We need folks who are willing to commit to drafting up one car/story per week, and who can write them up in a passable way. Since the current series still have a couple of weeks, it’s a chance to get a bit ahead before they go live. If you’re ready, willing and able, send me an e-mail with your list of cars, and preferably, a draft of the first one. Please don’t think your cars, writing or stories aren’t good enough. They are. And we’ll polish them as needed. Send it to curbsideclassic@gmail.com

We’re also happy for any other submissions, like a one-time COAL or such.