Argentinian Man Turns a Renault Fuego Into a Lamborghini – After 14 Years It’s Finally Finished

I received an email with a link to an article at about the completion of a very drastic redo: turning an elderly Renault Fuego into a Lamborghini. The builder’s persistence and hard work deserves a moment of recognition here, as this was not exactly an easy job, to put it lightly.

A Google translation (with some editing) of the text:

Walter Hugo Dave dreamed of creating his own car. One day, leafing through a magazine, he saw a Lamborghini Murciélago and fell in love. After a short time he began to transform his Renault Fuego in a traditional way. The metamorphosis began in 2004 and was completed in 2018.

They were fourteen years of work and dedication. Not only was the conversion limited to the appearance, it also changed the engine location. Now it is behind the passenger compartment, just like in the Italian sports car.

Walter is from San Luis capital, where he has his car. In a conversation with TN Autos he told some details: “I bought a little car, a model (of the Lamborghini), and with the measurements that magazine gave for it I started to manufacture part by part. I started with the fenders. “

The original Lambo had a width of 1.6 meters forward and 2 meters behind. “The only thing that allowed me to have that distance behind was the rear end of a Ford Sierra, so I bought one and disassembled it,” he recalled.

He also said that he extended the semiaxles of the Sierra rear end. They are half those of the Fuego and half those of the Sierra. The front end of the car, in turn, is from a Ford Taunus. “It is detached 10 cm from the ground,” he explains.

Walter says that at the beginning everyone told him he was crazy: “I started this project with my wife and my children. And a year later my dad died. He was one of those who believed in me. And I finished it. “

The “transplant” of the engine was possible thanks to his technical knowledge. In fact, he says, he had already manufactured a motorcycle and a quad bike before. “I have technical knowledge in various fields. The engine was set as it was but in the back. I made a piece that I call a torque converter, and it makes the changes come in as if the box was ahead, because the selector is left behind, next to the exhaust pipe, “he explained. (presumably “torque converter” here actually means a way to shift the gears through a new linkage).

He confesses that he currently has it saved and does not use it much. For him it has a special meaning and contains fourteen years of stories.

Also, as he says, he did it “in order to demonstrate that anyone with a little decision can achieve things that for others are impossible”.

True that!


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