CC Global: 1992 Chevy Van And 2014 Fiat Ducato – For Recreational Use Only

1992 Chevy and 2014 Fiat - 1

Older US conversion vans aren’t rare in the Netherlands, let alone European camper vans. But seeing them parked side by side is exceptional, so there’s that.

The American is a 1992 Chevrolet G20 van, registered as a Chevy Van 20 Globemaster. Powered by a V8, most likely a 350, running on LPG. It says TankZilla on the small rear window sticker. Appropriate for sure, although it turned out to be a rock group, once I looked into it.

1992 Chevy and 2014 Fiat - 2

The Euro-van is a 2014 Fiat Ducato 2.0 MultiJet 115 (as in 115 DIN-hp). I can’t possibly tell which specialist did the camper conversion, as there are numerous companies that build panel van-based recreational vehicles. Note the solar panel on the Fiat’s roof.

Also, no surprise whatsoever that it’s based on a Fiat Ducato van, as the Ducato has been the market leader in the European RV-business for many years.

Camper vans are a perfect mixture of ample interior space and manageable size and weight. And then there’s the price difference between such vans and the bigger (semi-) integrated motorhomes. No wonder the whole continent is littered with them, by now.

2006 Citroën Jumper camper van

Somewhat further down the road, I also came across this 2006 Citroën Jumper 2.8 HDi, resting way back in the river forelands. Long wheelbase (370 cm~145.7”), short rear overhang. Mounted on the rear cargo door, the obligatory bike rack. The camper conversion job was done by La Strada.

camper van interior

La Strada is an Italian a German company, they offer a full range of panel van-based campers. Let’s be honest, somehow La Strada sounds a bit more relaxed than Die Straße.

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