Vintage Review: Car and Driver Compares The Hot 1968 Pony Cars – Which Is The Hottest Of Them All?


(first posted 10/17/2015)    In his write-up on the 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula 340 S, Paul indicated that there might be a vintage review available.  In fact, between the 1967 launch of the second generation Barracuda and the 1968 launch of the 340 V8, there were quite a few articles written praising the Plymouth.  One of the best is this one, from Car and Driver in March 1968, where they compared a 340 Barracuda with a 390 Javelin, 396 Camaro, 390 Mustang, 390 Cougar and 400 Firebird.  Read on to see how the Barracuda stacked up during the height of the Pony Car wars.