CC Global: 2008 Volkswagen Transporter T5 2.5 TDI – Near The End Of The Line For The Inline Five

VW T5 2.5 TDI - 1

In 2003, Volkswagen introduced the fifth generation of their Transporter. By then, everybody was long used to Transporters with a transverse engine in the nose and a front-wheel drive layout. Unlike the previous 1990 – 2003 T4 generation, it wasn’t available in North America, where the T4 was marketed as the Volkswagen EuroVan.

VW T5 2.5 TDI - 2

Independent front and rear suspension come with the package, and so are internally ventilated disc brakes all around. This here is a 2008 double cab panel van, 340 cm (133.9”) long wheelbase model. The short wheelbase is 300 cm (118.1”).

With those nice rims, the tinted windows and the painted bumpers and mirrors, it looks more like a minivan than as a pure commercial vehicle. The van also has a six-speed automatic transmission.

VW T5 2.5 TDI - 3

Right, it says TDI on the back. All letters in red, which means it has the most powerful diesel engine under the hood. In those days, that was an OHC 2.5 liter inline-five turbodiesel with a maximum power output of 174 DIN-hp. Forget the T1 to T3, as this one certainly isn’t a mobile chicane on public roads.

The T5 was refreshed and updated in late 2009. Both the 1.9 and the 2.5 TDI were replaced by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter TDI with common rail injection.

VW T5 2.5 TDI - 4

Found on the web, the dash of a T5 when you opted for the automatic transmission.

VW T6.1 - 1

Since last year, the latest Transporter model is marketed as generation T6.1 (and T6 from 2015 to 2019).

VW T6.1 - 2

VW T6.1 - 3

Essentially, we’re talking about the third serious update and facelift of the T5. But right now, Volkswagen is already testing the truly new T7 generation of their long-time hit.

VW T5 2.5 TDI - 5

By the way, if you think you experience some kind of panel van déjà vu, you’re fully correct. It was about time to take some clear pictures of the van standing alone, a view from above included.

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