CC Global: The Brazilian Ford Truck Sedans – How About An Escalade Sedan?

(first posted 10/12/2017)           Someone here left a comment the other day that Cadillac should stop trying to chase BMW (or whomever they are chasing; maybe their shadow) and build a sedan version of the Escalade. It won’t be the first time, as Ford of Brazil was doing just that back in the early sixties. Here’s a four door, with suicide doors even. There’s others too.

Here’s a glimpse into its interior. It’s a bit of a step up into those old high-frame trucks.

And its rear end and trunk. Lift-over height is a wee bit high.

Here’s another variation. Its rear window looks like it’s a borrowed windshield from another vehicle, and lends this a coming-going vibe. This is undoubtedly a later one, as the rear end styling is now several years more modern, and doesn’t work so well with the mid-50s front end, which Ford of Brazil was stuck with for quite a while.

There’s also a two-door sedan version.

Here’s the trunk lid in action. Oddly, this one has a lower lift-over height.

A different angle. It’s quite obvious that the Ford Brazil works was very used to smaller production runs, as these were probably more like coach-built. Labor was very cheap back then.

There’s more. This is more like a utility, with a bed that almost passes for a trunk.

Pretty slick, eh?

There were a large number of “Suburban” variations built too. I’ll just show you a couple, like this four door.

This one was built on the older body style, but that rear end is wild.

And one a bit more modest.  There’s a number of more variations, at carrosantigos.

Now who’s going to photoshop us a fine Escalade sedan, after all of this inspiration?