CC Global: This Volvo Always Stays Ahead Of The Competitors

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 1

Riding along on a 2017 Volvo FH truck and GS Meppel center-axle trailer, two brand spanking new Scania trucks, straight from the Zwolle plant in the Netherlands, the truck maker’s largest and most modern European production facility.

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 2

Sitting on the combination’s front deck, a Scania R-series 6×2 chassis-cab, powered by a 16.4 liter V8.

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 3

Historically, competition between these Swedish manufacturers has always been close. Really close.

Scania R-series dashboard

The R-series’ dashboard. Sending good, SAABish vibes.

Scania smart dash

For comparison, this is Scania’s latest, digital Smart Dash.

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 4

Two brothers, standing back-to-back.

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 5

A Scania 460P 8×2 chassis-cab is relaxing on the rear deck.

Scania Super engine

It’s powered by Scania’s latest entry in the crucial 13 liter turbodiesel class, the 12.7 liter ‘Super’ engine, a MAN & Scania co-development. Also known as the D13C, Mama Traton’s world engine. Therefore, you can also find it under the cab hood of new, heavy-duty Internationals (where the engine is filed under S13).

Zandbergen - 2017 Volvo FH truck transporter - 6

Right-hand drive, and with the letters GB printed on the paper behind the windshield. I’d say the 460P is about to leave the Continent. As an aside, straight cabover trucks with an 8×2 or 8×4 axle configuration have been commonplace in the UK for many decades.

Scania P-series dashboard

Very neat too, the dashboard of the current P-series.

Scania’s sweeping curve dash design dates back to 1987, when their beloved 3-series of cabovers and conventionals were introduced: the 93, 113, and the 143 V8.

Scania 3-series

Scania NG

The current model generation was unveiled in 2016, almost 30 years after the arrival of the 3-series. Undeniably, it’s not only the dashboard that still speaks the same design language.

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