CC Global: Under Construction (With Mansion Updates)

Big house - 1

(First posted 08/06/21, updated December 2021) During my latest neighborhood stroll, I decided to focus on some building sites, as there are also many construction enthusiasts (to say the least) around here, in the CC-world of wheeled items.

The tour’s starting point is what us Dutch call een kast van een huis, that’s a big, almost mansion-type of house. The large steel plates in the foreground are used as a temporary pavement for all types of vehicles, from compact cargo vans to big rigs. The small blue building on the right is temporary too. I may hope so.

Big house - 2

The green silo is a dry mortar dispenser. These are placed (fully filled) and collected by a heavy truck, usually an 8×4, equipped with a roll-off system. No crane needed.

Big house - 3

The masons are still working on the attic. On the right, their brick cutting machine. This is a high-end, high-quality new house, built by a renowned local contractor. Normally, it will outlive all of us and anyone who will be born in the upcoming 50 years or so. And that’s a conservative estimate.

Big house - september 2021

Update, picture taken on September 18, 2021. All scaffolding still in place.

Big house - november 2021

Update, picture taken on November 14, 2021. Things are getting much clearer now. From here one, most work will be an inside job.

Exner - 1

Somewhat further, the steel skeleton for the new plant of the Exner company (specialized in robot technology). All main contractors involved in the project are listed on the lower half of the sign.

Exner - 2

Exner - 3

Currently, the Exner company is operating from a much smaller building, at a few miles from this location. So they’re expanding their business, so to speak.

Exner - 4

The grey stubs are the outer ends of the long, concrete piles, slammed deep into the ground.

Huisman - 1

The Huisman hauling company will have an additional, new warehouse soon.

Huisman - 2

Huisman - 3

Huisman - 4

Well, let’s be honest, there’s not much to see here yet, apart from the outer foundations.

Huisman - 5

Nearby, Huisman’s own FM station. As an aside, strictly linguistically speaking, a huisman is a male housewife.

New house almost finished - 1

New house almost finished - 2

Moving on and back in town again, this home is clearly almost finished. At least on the outside.

House under construction

I like this picture because it clearly shows many major components of a brick house: both the outer- and inner walls, the insulation material inbetween, the window frames and the concrete floor plates (with the holes in them). Out of sight, the foundation of reinforced concrete on which all walls are built.

House under construction with roof

This new house, adjacent to the one in the previous picture, recently got its tiled roof. Or roof tiled.

Very old tower

And in the blink of an eye, we’re time travelling to the Middle Ages, featuring this former church tower. Just like that.

Many years ago, they even found the remainders of a church foundation in the ground, dating back to the days of the Roman Empire. Welcome to my minuscule part of the Old World.

2004 Renault Trafic

Just a few steps from the old church tower to Van Kerkhof’s panel van. Appropriate, in a way, as kerkhof is Dutch for graveyard.

It’s a typical landscaper’s combination. In this case, a 2004 Renault Trafic 1.9 dCi (100 DIN-hp) with a multifunctional, 2010 Agados tandem axle trailer. Flatbed, dump trailer and machine hauler (it had retractable ramps underneath its bed), all in one.

Say, that’s an outstanding, recently built house in the background!