CC Global: Chevrolet Veraneio – The Brazilian Suburban


(first posted 12/18/2016)    I’ve been hoping to see a Chevy Veraneio appear at the Cohort, and since it’s almost Christmas, my wish has come true, thanks to Alberto Simon. The Veraneio is one of the more fascinating South American alternate-universe mobiles, mostly due to its unusual styling, which clearly has GM design elements of the early 60s era. The lip over the top of the windshield evokes the Chevy/GMC trucks from 1959-1966. And the rear upper greenhouse has a Chevy II wagon vibe to it. I suppose one could even peg the unusual B Pillar back to the 1938 Cadillac 60 Special; or is that over-reach? In any case, it’s pretty unique.


Just like the Suburban, the Veraneio was based on the Brazilian C10 pickup, which first appeared in 1964. I assume its frame and chassis followed the US version pretty closely, but detailed specs are not easy to come by. The engines were the old-school 235 and 261 sixes.


Here’s a shot of the C10 interior and dash, which was undoubtedly also used in the Varaneio.


And a look at the C10 rear end. Its bed used wood planks like the US version.


There was also this double-cab version. It looks very much like a Japanese truck of the era, but larger.


Discover Brazil in a Varaneio! Sounds good to me.


This Varaneio is sporting flat black and dual exhausts. At some point in the Varaneio’s long run (1964-1988), the newer Chevy six replaced the old one. And the grille changed numerous times. But other than that, the changes were minimal.


Alberto said this one is from the 1980s. I’ll take his word on that.


The Varaneio was eventually replaced in 1989, by the new generation. Look oddly familiar, but not quite?