CC Outtake: Oval On The Go

CC 232 094 1200

Here’s a sight through my windshield that brought a smile to my face: an unrestored oval-window VW, flaunting its patina for all to see. And a sunroof, no less. I’d like to be behind its wheel right now, hearing the steady thrum and fan whine of it s 36 hp engine (assuming it still has that).

This appears to be a ’57 from the license plate, the last year for the original small windshield and the oval rear window that replaced the “pretzel” split rear window in 1953. Despite the small window, 1957 was a huge year for VW in the US, and if I remember correctly, it was the year the Beetle took the import sales crown in the US. Only eleven years later, VW would sell 423,000 Beetles to Americans.

My love for old VWs has been spewed out on these pages repeatedly, although not so much in the past year. I’ll add a couple of links to some here, including a CC on another ’57.

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