CC Capsule: 1967 Ford Country Squire – Another One Bites The Rust

After an overripe ‘70s T-bird in 2020 and a near-extinct Mustang II last year, it’s time to get a look at this rotting beauty at last. I feature this one in a T87 Singles Outtakes post last year, but I found it again and was able to get some better pics. Seems I’m making it a habit to be running into dying Fords in this country (squire). Which is weird, as aside from Myanmar, Japan is probably the country with the fewest blue-oval-badged cars I’ve ever experienced.

Not that Fords are completely unknown here. Mustangs are quite well represented and probably constitute a sizable share of the marque’s JDM footprint. There are also a couple of Mazda clones with Ford badges, such as the Freda, but those don’t really count. Other Fords, such as the European or Australian varieties, are few and far between, though the other day, I did spot an early-model Ka – a most unexpected sighting, in this country. Such is Ford: a truly global brand, but they never did figure out how to break into the Japanese market and quit trying years ago.

This Country Squire, though it seems to be part of an experiment to find out how long it would take for woodgrain to biodegrade, was registered within the last 20 years or so, so it could well be that someone imported it from its country of birth when it was already a classic. Possibly with a view to restomod it. I don’t know if that was the intent, but it sure turned into a lowrider / ratrod on its own.

You guys in the US might have seen boatloads of these before, but for those of us who weren’t brought up in a time or a place that featured full-size Ford wagons, there is sure a lot to take in. The detailing on these cars is delightful, for a start.

Take this panel, for instance. That chrome script, over that hilarious horse head logo thingy (is that stock, btw?), with the Di-Noc backdrop… Adorable!

The last detail that caught my untrained eye was the D-pillar vents. They are pretty prominent, almost like a rear-engined car. I got a faint Tatra vibe from these, just for a second.

The body might be toast, but check out that interior! Pristine it is not, but it still looks pretty complete and salvageable. It would be a crying shame to waste all that vinyl.

This generation of the Country Squire, i.e. the 1965-68 sixth generation of the breed, makes for a very attractive wagon. Sure, the LTDs and Galaxie 500 fastback coupes got all the glamour and the big block V8s, but it’s the wagons that really get my personal vote. Not a line out of place (especially the 1966-67 models) and enough space for a small army – what’s not to like?

Well, in the present case, the rust. This one’s not quite a complete goner yet, but it’s getting close. It’s likely been sitting outside for several years, but it looks pretty complete and spares can probably be found to revive it. Here’s hoping someone takes on this challenge before all that rust turns to dust.


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