CC Capsule: 1967 Pontiac GTO – Ta Daaaaah!

So this is the Big Reveal from yesterday’s CC Clue / QOTD. I guess some of you jaded Amerikaners, bloated by a constant stream of car meets consisting mainly of over-restored coupes and watery coffee (the Japanese stuff is just as bad, by the way), will go: “Meh, Ponniac hardtop… very inneresting.” Well at least it’s not another friggin’ ’67 Mustang or Camaro, so there’s that.

And come on, these cars are downright gorgeous. The ’67 is the last year that the GTO nailed it, to my eyes. I know, everyone has a different cut-off date for when Pontiac lost the plot on that sub-nameplate. Our Editor asserted that 1972 was the last year as far as he was concerned. I take his point, but I further like to sort the first-gen cars into two groups: chrome nose (1964-67) and plastic mouth (1968-72). And I’m firmly in favour of the former, which leads me to put my cut-off date in 1968.

The stacked headlights on these early models – well, except the ‘64s – make them all the more appealing, in my view. Sort of like a Cadillac, but without the pointy rear and the ostentation.

The only problem with this one is that it was fairly inaccessible, even when uncovered. I would have loved to have peek inside and get a rear end shot, but alas ‘twas not to be. I did manage a sort of profile shot here, but that’s about as far as I could go without trespassing.

Seven months. That’s how long I had to wait to find out what was under the tarp. I went back to check on my mystery car about once a fortnight, as it wasn’t exactly on one of my regular routes. The slight detour was well worth the effort, though. I made a number of other CC encounters on my way to or from this GTO. Guess I’m going to have to try and find another riddle to crack…


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