CC: Chevrolet Sprint Turbo – Another Non-US Pocket Rocket

Dave Saunders spotted this Canada-market Chevrolet Sprint Turbo, and here’s his comment:

Probably the roughest shape Chevrolet Sprint Turbo I’ve seen. Still it is existing and these are neat cars especially in three cylinder turbocharged form. Blue door still has Firefly badges from its Pontiac donor. Not sure what the graphic on the side is supposed to be.

The US version of Suzuki’s Swift was badged as the Geo Metro, and was (sadly) not available in turbo form. But its predecessor was.

Love that spoiler. The earlier version of the turbo that did make it stateside was rated at 73 hp; not sure whether this one upped that a bit further. In any case, a perfect definition of the word “pocket rocket”; of course, that’s just one of many. Does this one run on AA batteries?