CC Outtakes: A Fish Out Of Water

Well my fellow Curb Dwellers, this longrooffan is still down here in toney Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, being a wife for my friend Kris. Thus far I have purchased about $7,000 worth of super nice furniture, about 20 new outfits for her, returned another 45 (pretty good on base percentage me thinks), and assisted in her selection of a slightly used Mercedes E class to help maintain that image her cosmetic surgeon brother thinks she needs. While we were out car shopping, I spotted this vintage Chevette and grabbed an image of it out the passenger window. Yeah Kris was driving like any good husband does.  BTW, her driving scares the hell out of me plus she texts while driving, much to my chagrin. After I captured this image, Kris asked me, “Why did you take a picture of that SUV?” I just laughed and told her she wouldn’t get it!