Buick Pairs The ’67 Electra 225 With Another Star

Pairing the ’67 Electra 225 with Jayne Mansfield wasn’t such a long shot after all. I went to oldcarbrochures to check on the ’67 Electra’s length (223.9″), and as soon as I saw the cover, it all came rushing back to me: “Six famous models look at six famous cars”. And who did they pick to pair with the Electra? Well, Jayne was not only already dead, but her star had long dimmed. It’s Suzy Parker, the most famous model of the fifties who got her first movie role in 1957. And who was the other woman in that movie (Kiss Them For Me)?

Jayne Mansfield, no less.

Here they are together, discussing the virtues of the Buick Electra 225 with Cary Grant. She ended her career after a car accident too, but it’s outcome was much better than Jayne’s. She was able to write up her insightful feelings for the Electra in this brochure (in case you couldn’t make it out above):