Curbside Classic: 1973 Condor II Motor Home – Cousin Eddie’s RV Comes To Visit

This Condor II showed up recently in an alley near my house; I knew that there was something special about it other that reverse-slant windshield, and eventually it hit me: it’s what cousin Eddie showed up in when he came to visit the Griswald’s in “Christmas Vacation”. That made the Condor II famous, and just about the only one of the many motor homes being built back then.

Here’s Eddie and his family when they first show up. Surprise!

And here’s that famous scene of Eddie dumping his sewage tank into the storm sewer at the curb: “The shitter was full!”

The poor Condor II. Did it deserve that fate?

Unlike the Dodge motorhome chassis that was so common back then, the Condor used a Ford panel van chassis (P Series 500). That included a medium duty 330 FE V8 backed by an automatic.

This one seems to be just sitting here without occupants, so I won’t start worrying about our storm sewer being polluted by raw sewage, yet.