Curbside Classic: 1974 Plymouth Duster: Another Unexpected Find

If my fellow Curb Dwellers read the post I did last evening about that Isuzu Diesel Longbed, you may remember I am spending some time being “a wife” down in toney Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Maseratis, Bentleys, a few million BMW’s and I even spotted a rare Maybach while out and about today. However, I was lucky enough to get two Curbside Classic spottings in one day, my first full day here. That Isuzu is one and the other is this Duster.

As I was returning to my luxury car ensconced Comanche after dropping a couple hundie of someone else’s money, I gathered the following previously seen image.

As I was doing so, this robins egg blue bondo queen was slowly driving down the adjacent parking aisle. “Oh please pull into a parking spot,” was my only thought. We Curb Dwellers are fortunate this guy thinks the way Jutta does as he pulled into the next parking spot.

As he was getting out I mentioned that I was a car guy and contributed to a blog about old cars and would he mind if I gathered some images of it.  “Sure,” he replies, “you could have waited until I walked away to shoot them.” In my mind I am hearing Paul say, “Yeah, but then I won’t get the story.”

It turns out Jeff has owned this car for 31 years, having purchased it “when it was six.”

Chrysler produced a ton of this A body style back in the early-mid 70’s and sold them as lower end Dodges and Plymouths. I would suspect many of them had the 225 slant 6 this one possesses. “Just over 300,000 miles and it’s never been apart,” Jeff relays. “It did have to have the TorqueFlite transmission rebuilt back in 91 but that is the only major work I’ve had done to it.”

I politely declined to comment on the major bondo treatment to the rear quarters.  And, after chatting it up about the durability of that slant 6, he had to shuffle off to work and this longrooffan headed out to spend some more of my friend’s money.

But man, I love me some vintage dog dish hubcaps!