Curbside Classic: 1984 Isuzu Pickup: Found In A Surprising Location

So, it has been a while since this longrooffan has stepped up to the plate to provide my fulfill my commitment to all of my fellow Curb Dwellers.  There are to many reasons for these inadequencies to delve into here but let’s just put it at Florida Power and Light needs their contributions every month and the independent contractor business around the Birthplace of Speed has been a tad slow these spring months.  As a result, my stress level has super imposed my CC contributions.  Fortunately on Monday of this week, a good friend of mine called and asked me if this longrooffan was available to “come down and be my wife for a couple weeks?”

Now my single friend Kris, an accomplished female, had accepted a position with a well known nip and tuck firm as the office administrator down in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  As a result, she has been down here for about a month and, after leaving all of her furniture for one of her five sons to enjoy in her former home in MickeyMouseLand, she had been left with literally just a bed and a dresser.  No tables, no couch, even, aghast, no TV.

So, on Monday of this week I get a distress call from a friend of over ten years.  If you were in a situation where you could help out a friend, wouldn’t you do it also?  That’s what friends are for.

Well on Tuesday, this longrooffan jumped into my old Comanche and headed out, for a rare trip for me, on that Eisenhour Highway System 95 down to toney Palm Beach Gardens.  Once I arrived at the multiple gated condominium complex she resides in I realized just what “come be my wife” means.  She dropped a cool grand in my hands and told me what she wants.

Meanwhile, I receive an email from our wonderful benefactor Paul as to my well being.  Yeah, Curb Dwellers, he is a great guy.  I replied back that all was well considering and this longrooffan, as always, tries to Celebrate Life.  And I included that since the first car I noticed after exiting 95 down here in South Florida was an 80’s era Rolls Royce Corniche convertible, (and yes, the top was down), I noted my contributions to CC during my visit here would not be that great.  After all, this is Curbside Classic, not Aston Martin Daily.

Yeah, check out the company my Comanche is keeping down here.  Audi A6, Range Rover and a Mercedes something or another, just big.  However, as I am typing this up, I noted the old Ford van just over the hood of my truck.  Aerostar or Windstar?

Now my fellow Curb Dwellers, southeast Florida, from about Fort Pierce south, is one big megalopolis containing a seemingly impossible number of cities to determine.  And some of the cities don’t allow big box home improvement centers nor do some of them allow Wally Worlds either.  However, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Macy’s, and a few hundreds Starbucks are welcomed with open arms.

As a result I had to travel south to North Palm Beach to find the location of the store that sponsors Jimmy Johnson on his weekly trips around in circles to fulfill my wifely shopping obligations.  Much to my surprise, I spotted the aforementioned Isuzu Diesel Longbed for sale.

So as all of my fellow Curb Dweller should know by now, this longrooffan absolutely had to stop and capture some images and try to find out its story.  As this was near a busy intersection, I had no way of easily turning around so I whipped into the Kwik Mart lot next door.  As I was parked immediately in front of a “Non Customer Cars Will Be Towed” sign and even though I had a cooler full of waters, this longrooffan wisely went in and bought another bottle of H2O.  Only 75 cents!  I asked the guy if I could stay there for just a couple minutes to go gather some images next door.  “10 minutes and I call a wrecker,” was his response.  No sweat.

I was able to get a few images of the 320,000 mile surprisingly nearly rust free truck.  It apparently had been owned by a local auto parts store and used as their daily driver parts truck until it was forced to close after its owner had passed away unexpectedly.

The leather interior was in near excellent condition however, I did notice a crack or two in the bedliner.  The asking price for this classic is $6,900 and if you are feeling lucky, contact Lucky at Lake Park Auto.